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Outstanding Advisor Award Criteria

It is the hope of the National Officers that the chapter advisors perform their duties and follow through with their responsibilities for the single purpose of helping to maintain Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society as a highly meaningful and viable organization.  It is with the above in mind that the following criteria are set forth for qualifying for the OUTSTANDING ADVISOR AWARD.

  1. The advisor will make sure that those students who qualify for membership in Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society are invited to join the organization.  Inductions are to be held at least once each year and preferably once each term of the academic year.
  2. The advisor will provide for a dignified induction ceremony using in detail guidelines as set forth in the Induction Ceremony which is found in the Handbook of Information for Advisors.  The participating officers should rehearse, with the advisor, the reading of the Official Ceremony prior to the day of the induction.
  3. The advisor will submit funds in accordance with items and cost as listed on the Fee Sheet bearing appropriate effective date.
  4. The advisor will make certain that ALL registration materials (properly filled-out) on the new inductees are mailed to the National Executive Secretary-Treasurer within a reasonable period of time after the induction is held. INDUCTION MATERIALS INCLUDE:  (a) Remittance of Funds Form, bearing an alphabetized listing of names recorded, $ amount for induction fee, $ amount for jewelry where appropriate, cumulative grade point average for each inductee and classification of each inductee; and (b) a SINGLE   certified check, cashier's check, money order, college/university check or the advisor's personal check.
  5. The advisor will take the initiative in nominating one chapter member for the Gore-Crawford Graduate Scholarship.
  6. The advisor will make certain that chapter news is submitted for publication in the NEWSLETTER.  News Articles should be emailed to:                                                                       

       Dr. Veronica Yon
       Director of Public Relationships        
       Florida A&M University
       211 Tucker Hall
       515 Orr Drive
       Tallahassee, FL  32307-4800
       850 412-7697
        [email protected]
  7. The advisor will make certain that the chapter has student representation at all conventions and Regional Meetings.


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